About Us
About Us

Every‘Body’ deserves some TLC!

“Being a plus-size woman myself, I have lived through the horrors of not finding my true size & ended up spending a bundle on international brands for their shipping! - which I thought is not feasible for every girl who doesn’t fit on the standard Indian size charts! 


HappieCurves is a brainchild of this thought train that is constantly working towards ‘Serving your Curves’ with a colourful & stylish range of intimate wears. I hope you enjoy them!”

The plus-size challenge is real.

Women are often stripped out of style and fashion just because of their size - which should not be the case! Not to forget the stigma related to lingerie in India. Moreover, hardly any Indian brands cater to plus-size women with good-quality innerwear collections. 

Size shouldn’t be a restrictive factor concerning fashionable & comfortable clothing. In fact, all bodies must be celebrated equally.

With these intentions, we give you the confidence to get out there and SLAY with our designer intimate wear collections that are curated keeping in mind - 


most importantly,



Your body is your home. You live in it every day with all the flaws, marks, and curves it inhibits. So, embrace all that it has to offer. Accepting who you are and how your body looks is the first step towards SELF-LOVE. We want you to feel sexy and comfortable with your curvaceous bod.


So, don’t just fancy yourself in a great outfit, flaunt it!

Simply surf through our collection to find your ‘True Fit’! 



P.S. All our products are designed & manufactured here in INDIA.

About the founder - Sonal Somani


Digital Marketer/Consultant | Brand Strategist | Eminent Blogger & Body Positivity Influencer


“Except for all the above roles that I portray, I am most proud of being the Founder of Happie Curves and here’s my piece….


With a law & finance background, I always felt a special calling for content creation and digital space. This undying creative surge led me to achieve successful years in today’s dynamic arena. 


This creative liberty at hand allowed me to consistently inspire women in accepting themselves. Happie Curves caters to lingerie and intimate wear for plus-size beauties, granting them an ounce of confidence with every fit. 


I believe every body type must be treated with love and respect. So, we are here to serve every curve by tapping into this market gap!

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